Middle Mewa Hydropower Project 

Project in brief

Located at a distance of 700 Km northeast of Kathmandu, Middle Mewa HPP is one of the very few Peaking Run of River (PROR) type projects in Nepal. The project is proposed in Mewa river in Taplejung District of eastern Nepal. The project shall utilize the design discharge of 18.76 m3/s to generate 73.5 MW of electricity with daily peaking of 6 hours. The project is accessible through a 32 km of access road from Banande Bazar located at Mechi Highway. 

Progress Updates

All the site-enabling works and supporting infrastructure are completed

33 kV transmission line for construction power supply completed

  • Civil works contractor mobilization commenced in January 2020; Construction works advancing from different work fronts

Diversion Tunnel completed and river diversion commenced

Excavation work at the headworks area completed

Construction of Grouting tunnels completed

Jet grouting work is completed at the Desander area, Jet grouting at the Dam and Setlling basin area is ongoing

Construction of Settling Basin and Headpond ongoing

  • Construction of Adit Tunnels completed
  • Excavation and Support works of Vertical Shafts completed
  • Powerhouse cavern excavation completed; Concreting works at Powerhouse ongoing

Excavation of Tailrace tunnel completed including 3 branch tunnels completed; excavation of Tailrace culvert ongoing

  • Detailed design of Hydromechanical works completed

Penstock pipes and Headworks gates fabrication works ongoing

Erection of penstock pipe at Upper-pressure tunnel and Vertical shafts ongoing

Detailed design of Electromechanical works completed

EOT crane installation works completed

Switchyard all main 3 transformer works completed with all equipment installation at site

Detailed design of 132 KV Transmission line completed; Tower’s Foundation works ongoing